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Telehealth Services

Introducing Our Revolutionary New Telehealth Service

It can be hard to squeeze in a vet trip – until now. Our new telehealth service allows you to connect with your vet via video chat, phone, text, or email for routine, non-urgent appointments.

If an in-office visit is not required and the patient has visited our office at least once before, telehealth may be an option for you.

Some instances where telehealth may be perfect include:

  • Chronic cases like skin infections
  • Post-operation checks
  • Diagnosing symptoms that can be easily observed over video or picture
  • Aggressive or uncooperative pets
  • Older pets who have trouble with mobility

Here's how our telehealth service works:

  1. Call our office to schedule an appointment like you normally would.
  2. Request a telehealth appointment and describe the reason for your pet's visit.
  3. If our staff determines we can meet your pet's needs virtually, we'll schedule an appointment over text, phone, or video chat.
  4. We'll contact you at the scheduled time.

Call us to schedule an appointment today at (951) 677-5401

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