8 Ways to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Extra weight on cats can have some negative health effects including cardiovascular issues, joint pain, and even skin issues due to not being able to adequately groom themselves.

Whether your cat likes to eat like Garfield or is just feeling the effects of these lazier days, there are things you can do to keep your cat from gaining weight.

8 Ways to Help your Cat Lose Weight

1. Play is Purrfection for Cat Weight Loss

You might normally have the excuse of having a full calendar as to why you don't have time to play with your cat, but this quarantine gives you the perfect excuse to get down on the floor with your furry feline friend.

Whether you use a ball or a feather or just channel your inner kid and roll around for a while, your cat will think they've died and gone to cat heaven. Or if you're willing to put in the time to spend on leash training, you can even take your cat for a walk!

2. Will Work for Treats

Is your cat one of those cats who seems to only think about food? We can appreciate that, and you can actually work that to your advantage.

Put your cat's favorite treat in a container that they can bat around a bit for a while. Of course, the game needs to end in the treat being given to your cat. Otherwise, that's just teasing!

3. Bid Farewell to Free-Feeding

Free-feeding, in which you leave your cat's food bowl out all day to allow them to come and go at their leisure, works for some cats. But if your cat is showing signs of gaining weight, consider limiting their portion sizes and pick up the bowl between meals.

4. Embrace your Cat's Play Schedule

As mentioned earlier, cats love to play, and that equates to exercise for them. But some cats are lazier during the day and are more active at night.

Your tendency might be to discourage that but, if you can avoid the noise by closing your door, allowing your cat to play when they want to could be the key to keeping off any excess weight.

5. H2O-So Fun

Just as with humans, drinking water can help cats to feel fuller for longer periods of time. Making water-drinking fun for your playful cat can pay off when it comes to weight loss. Consider investing in a water fountain to peak kitty's curiosity!

6. Create a "Catio"

If you've spent any time on Pinterest, you've surely seen these. They are cat patios for indoor cats that allow them to have access to the outdoors while still remaining safe and enclosed.

If you're a DIY junkie and want a fun new project to pass the time, a "Catio" may be just the project you've been looking for!

You can go all-out and create something big, or create a tiny enclosure off a window in your home that would work just as well.

7. Think about Adopting another Cat

Socializing cats can be a challenge, so if you're unable to invest the time, this might be something to consider. Adopting a cat friend for your current cat can get them to be more active and playful.

8. Viva La Vet!

When extra playtime and a change in diet aren't helping your cat shed that extra weight, having them seen by a vet is your best bet.

Veterinarians can assess kitty's overall health and check for any underlying health issues that may be contributing to an increase in weight.

8 Ways to Help your Cat Lose Weight

Just because we're social distancing doesn't mean that we can't remain active. And getting our cats in on the action will prevent weight-related illnesses down the line.

If you're worried about the adverse effects of some extra pounds on your cat, please contact us or request an appointment online!

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