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GeniusVets provides base content for over two dozen of the most commonly provided veterinary services, reviewed and approved by practicing veterinarians. This content can then be customized for your unique practice. Here are just a few samples.

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Book a boarding reservation today!

There's nothing more luxurious than a relaxing vacation away from home! However, if you're a pet owner, it can be hard to relax while worrying whether the neighbor kid gave Oscar his meds, or made sure Coco got enough exercise. Our practices offer pet boarding so you'll never have these worries. You can kick back knowing that your beloved pets are properly cared for in a friendly, fun, secure, and nurturing environment.

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Cat Emergency

What to do if your Cat is Having a Medical Emergency

Emergency care is available at all three SCVG locations during regular business hours. 

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Cat Grooming

The Benefits and Importance of Cat Grooming

While cats do a good job with basic grooming on their own, there are a number of grooming related items that they need help with. These include:

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Cat Microchipping

What are Microchip IDs, and Why Would my Cat Need One?

We understand that the bond you and your beloved feline friend share is invaluable and irreplaceable. We also understand that by nature, cats are roaming creatures and therefore run the risk of wandering too far from home, or just accidentally losing their way. In fact, a staggering number of cats are lost in the shelter system each year because they lack any means to identify them with. This is why we are happy to offer cat microchip identification services.

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Cat Nutrition

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Cat Food

Feline nutrition is very important for general health. However, the plethora of dietary options, brands, and formulas available to consumers can be confusing when deciding which kind of cat food is best for your feline friend’s health and wellness.

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Cat Vaccinations - Everything You Should Know

Are Vaccinations Necessary for my Cat?

The answer is yes. 

The importance of vaccinations to the overall health and longevity of your cat cannot be understated. Vaccinations are medically and scientifically proven to combat the incubation and transmission of crippling and fatal feline diseases.

Our veterinary staff is dedicated to educating people about the importance of cat vaccinations, including what vaccinations are necessary, and when they should be scheduled.

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Declawing Cats: Examining the Pros, Cons and Alternatives

Cat Declawing

A part of normal cat behavior are cat's instinctive need to scratch on surfaces to remove excess claw material and keep the nails clean and in good shape. Cats enjoy this behavior and certainly are not aware that their behavior may be seen as destructive to their owners.

As veterinary care providers, we are here to help provide you with accurate and unbiased information about declawing cats, in order for you to make an informed, educated decision on behalf of your furry feline friend.

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Digital Radiology

SCVG Radiology

As technology leads us into the future and improves our lives, diagnostic imaging is no exception. Digital radiology gives our doctors the ability to diagnose conditions almost on the spot. This allows us to treat conditions faster and more effectively.

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Does Your Dog Have Allergies? Dog Allergy Testing

Dog Allergy Symptoms

While not usually life threatening, allergies in dogs do cause discomfort. Most symptoms are associated with dermatologic problems, but some can also lead to chronic respiratory issues in some dogs if untreated for long periods of time.

Allergy symptoms commonly found in dogs:

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Dog Behavior - A Compassionate, Sensible, Effective Approach

The Importance of Dog Training

The sad truth is that more dogs are put to sleep because of behavioral problems than because of disease or injury. Dog obedience training can ensure that your canine is a safe and enjoyable member of your family. From training puppies to addressing unwanted behavior in an older dog, our veterinarians can help you achieve a better bond with your furry friend.

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Dog Deworming

How Worms in Dogs are Contracted

We love helping educate our clients about the best detection and prevention methods for worms in dogs, and we pride ourselves on providing our canine patients in and around the Inland Empire with the utmost in care and treatment protocols.

Due to their outdoor lifestyles and social natures, most dogs will be at risk of contracting worms throughout their lives. Some of the most common ways to contract worms in dogs include:

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Dog Emergency

What to do if your Dog is Having a Medical Emergency

Emergency care is available at all three SCVG locations during regular business hours. 

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Dog Microchipping

Why Should I Microchip my Dog?

Your canine companion is a loyal, loving and irreplaceable friend - one that may have an urge to wander and explore and runs the risk of getting lost. Unfortunately, it is all too common for dogs to lose their way back home and end up in a shelter. A staggering number of dogs are lost in the shelter system each year because they lack reliable means for identification once they are found. We know that dogs are part of the family, and that is why we recommend every dog receives an identification microchip.

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Dog Nutrition

What is the Right Food to Feed Your Dog?

Good nutrition is feeding your dog the building blocks and energy components that allow them to grow, develop to their potential, and stay active throughout their life. There are many ways to feed your dog and hundreds of diets to choose from. Most people tend to use dry and canned dog food for convenience and cost. However, for owners who are open minded about their dog's diet, there are alternatives to dry and canned dog food that may offer better nutrition for your particular dog.

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Emergency Care

We are Ready for Emergency Care

Emergency care is available at all three SCVG locations during regular business hours.

If possible, please call the hospital prior to bringing in your pet so that we may assess the situation, prepare for your arrival, and offer immediate care instructions, if appropriate. In some cases, we may refer you to an alternate 24-hour emergency care facility.

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Environmental Enrichment for Indoor Cats

While cats confined to an indoor environment generally live longer and are at less risk for contracting infectious diseases or injuries due to trauma, they are at greater risk for a variety of behavioral problems. These problems include urinating and defecating outside the litter box, anxiety, eating disorders, attention seeking, aggression, self-injury and compulsive disorders like excessive grooming and scratching.

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Feline Diagnostic Imaging, Ultrasound, MRI, and Radiology

What is Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging for Cats?

Veterinary diagnostic imaging includes radiographs (x-rays), ultrasound, MRIs, and CT scans, all of which are used as diagnostic tools to collect information on your cat's health.

The vast majority of imaging is non-invasive and completely painless. However, some imaging may require sedation or anesthesia because the cat must be kept still to allow for accurate images to be produced.

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Feline Surgery

Understanding Why Surgery has been Recommended for your Cat

There may arise a circumstance when a surgical procedure is in the best interest of your feline friend.

If surgery is being recommended, your veterinarian will have sound medical reasoning, and it is important that you understand what surgical procedure is being recommended and why, how the procedure will be performed, and when it should take place.

There are two categories of surgeries, elective and urgent/emergency.

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Kitten Care

Congratulations on your New Kitten!

Kittens are super fun, loving, and entertaining. There is a reason why the internet is so full of kitten and cat pictures and videos! The focus of kitten care is on acclimating the kitten to its new family, and providing for the kitten's physical and well being to support healthy development.

There are many phases of a kitten's life, and it is important to understand how their needs will change as they grow.

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Laser Therapy for Dogs

What is Laser Therapy?

Veterinary laser therapy provides a non-invasive, pain-free, surgery-free, and drug-free treatment that is used to treat a variety of conditions, and can be performed in conjunction with existing treatments.

Laser treatment for dogs employs deep-penetrating light to promote a chain of chemical reactions known as photobiostimulation. This process helps relieve pain through the release of endorphins, and it stimulates injured cells to heal at an accelerated pace.

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Pain Management

animal hospital near me

When it comes to managing your pet’s pain, our practices offer the highest quality of care, utilizing compassion and the most effective medical treatments available. We develop a unique pain management plan to best serve the individual needs of your pet.

What can I do to Manage my Pet's Pain?

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Prescription Medication for Cats

Common Reasons Why Your Cat May Need Prescription Medication

If one of our veterinarians discovers that your cat has a short term illness, or an ongoing chronic health issue, your kitty may need prescription medication, and it will be your job to give it to them.

Giving medication to a cat can be challenging when he doesn’t want to cooperate. But fear not! We are here to explain how you can give your cat his medication successfully, without stressing out your feline friend or yourself.

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Preventing and Treating Fleas and Ticks for Dogs

How does my Dog pick up Fleas and Ticks?

Fleas and ticks are a source of annoyance and potential health threat in every part of the US. While the seasons will affect the activity of these insects, it is possible to pick up fleas or ticks during most of the year. This is especially true because these insects can thrive in our homes. Dogs and cats which spend time outdoors are at equal risk of picking up fleas. While not as common, fleas and ticks can also enter homes from visiting pets and on people's clothes.

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Preventing and Treating Heartworms in Cats

What are Heartworms?

Heartworms are a blood-borne parasite (or roundworm), and are spread in cats through mosquitos carrying heartworm larvae. The severity of heartworms in cats is directly dependent upon the number of worms present in a cat's body, the duration of the incubation, and the response of the infected cat.

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Preventing and Treating Heartworms in Dogs

What are Heartworms?

Heartworm is spread through dogs via bites from infected mosquitoes. Once a heartworm infestation occurs, it will become life threatening. Therefore, our goal is to implement a preventive program before your dog is exposed.

Upwards of 30 species of mosquitoes can act as heartworm transmitters. Mosquitoes ingest immature heartworm larvae by feeding on either an infected cat or dog. The larvae develop further for 10 to 30 days in the mosquito's gut, and then enter parts of the mosquito's mouth.

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Preventive Care to Ensure a Happy, Healthy Cat

Preventive Care Plans for Cats

We understand that prevention is truly the best medicine where the health and wellness of your cat is concerned. This is why we offer our feline patients and their human counterparts a comprehensive array of preventive care services that promote cat health, wellness, and longevity of life.

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Preventive Health Care for Dogs

Preventive Care Plans for Dogs

We believe that a sound preventive health care regimen is the easiest and most effective way to keep your dog healthy and happy, and our goal is to partner with you to ensure optimal health for your dog.

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Puppy Care

Congratulations on your New Puppy!

One of the greatest joys in life is having a cuddly, cute puppy to have and hold. Our staff knows what an exciting and special time this is for you, and we want to provide you with the best information and health care to get a great start for your new puppy's life. The time you commit to your puppy in the beginning of its life will have a great impact on your relationship for many years to come.

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SCVG Pet Dental - Dentistry Overview

SCVG Pet Dental - Norco, Lake Elsinore and Murrieta

Keep Your Pet Feeling Their Best with Regular Dental Care!

Sometimes, keeping your pet's teeth healthy can feel like a big job. Luckily, we provide advanced veterinary dentistry services, in addition to basic dental care.

SCVG Pet Dental - Norco, Lake Elsinore and Murrieta

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Senior Dog Care

Taking The Physiological Changes Of Aging Dogs Into Consideration

As a dedicated, passionate, and enthusiastic veterinary team, we love seeing wagging tails, feeling cold noses, and hearing about how our senior dog services have bettered the lives of our elderly canine patients. Our veterinary staff loves caring for older dogs and pledges a commitment to the health, wellness, and happiness of your elderly canine companion. We have been here for many aging dogs and their owners over the years, and we will be here for you and yours each and every step of the way.

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Spaying and Neutering for Cats

Why Should You Spay or Neuter Your Cat?

There are many valid reasons to spay or neuter your cat. According to AmericanHumane.org approximately 3.7 million animals are euthanized at shelters annually because there just are not enough willing and able adopters for them. Spay and neuter procedures ensure that you are not adding to this number, and that no offspring your cat has ends up a fatal statistic.

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Spaying or Neutering Dogs

Responsible and Caring Spaying and Neutering

The thought of your dog undergoing a surgical procedure under sedation can be frightening. We understand that this can be scary for dog owners, and want to assure you that your dog will be cared for by the most capable and caring medical professionals.

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Telehealth Services

Introducing Our Revolutionary New Telehealth Service

It can be hard to squeeze in a vet trip – until now. Our new telehealth service allows you to connect with your vet via video chat, phone, text, or email for routine, non-urgent appointments.

If an in-office visit is not required and the patient has visited our office at least once before, telehealth may be an option for you.

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Veterinary Services

Three Full Service Veterinary Hospitals in Lake Elsinore, Murrieta, and Norco

We believe that your pet is a part of the family, yours and ours. That is why we have made it our mission to provide comprehensive and compassionate veterinary care that is in the best interest of your furry family members and you. If you are in the Inland Empire area and looking for a caring veterinary team to help make sure your pet remains in good health, we are nearby and ready to help.

Scroll down to learn more about the many services our veterinary hospitals offer.

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Veterinary Services For Dogs

A Comprehensive Approach to Canine Veterinary Medicine

We understand that a veterinarian is only as good as his or her ability to successfully prevent, diagnose, and treat whatever ailment a pet may be facing. Equally as important is our ability to listen and communicate well with owners to make sure they understand their dog's health concerns and how to make the best choices for them. This is why our hospitals are capable of handling any procedure, including preventive care, medical diagnosis, and emergency surgery.

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Wellness Exams for Cats

The Importance of Regular Wellness Exams for Cats

It's important to have a veterinarian examine your cat at least once a year, or twice a year for Senior or Geriatric cats.

Cats age significantly faster than humans, and therefore it is imperative for cat owners to stay on top of wellness exams in order to catch any potential health problems before they begin.

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What To Know When Your Cat Needs Anesthesia

What to Know When Your Cat Needs Anesthesia

There may be a time when your cat will require a procedure or surgery for his continued health. At the time of surgery, your cat will require anesthesia, which will be carefully administered and monitored by our veterinary staff. Knowing the basics about how anesthesia will be is used in cat surgery, and the recovery basics, will help to ease your mind while your kitty is under our care.

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