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The Secret to Getting Fleas to Flee!

An unfortunate truth is that if you have pets, it's likely that it is not a matter of if your pet has ever had fleas, but when they will get them.

But just because it is common does not mean that it should be ignored, especially when flea infestations can be prevented!

Read more to learn how to treat pesk flea infestations, and how to prevent them in the first place.

How do Homes get Flea Infestations?

There are several ways for your pet and, in turn, your home to experience flea infestations:

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Helping your Senior Dog Age Gracefully

Dogs experience similar age-related changes to people, such as diminishing senses, cognitive ability, and arthritis.

Helping Your Senior Dog Age Gracefully

Diminishing Senses in Your Dog

Because blindness and hearing loss can create anxiety in pets and affect the human-animal bond (which then affects their life quality), strategies to cope with blindness and hearing loss in pets should be considered.

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Water Safety for Dogs

As summer quickly approaches, and as temperatures outside continue to rise (well, for some of us!), dogs may look for ways to cool off when they go outside.

Even when it's not very hot out, adventurous dogs may find any body of water irresistible. If you have a swimming pool, or even if you take your dog to visit a home that does, please be aware of the potential for dogs to jump or fall into a pool but not be able to get back out.

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The Mental Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

According to studies performed by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), our pets can actually benefit our mental health in a variety of ways.

This is why it's no surprise to us that so many shelters have been cleared during this COVID-19 pandemic, as pets can provide so much comfort.

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Unleash Better Health by Walking Your Dog!

As a dog owner, you know that most dogs need to be walked at least once a day, although very active breeds and more hyper dogs benefit from more frequent walks.

While a dog walker may be as close as an app click away, you'll be missing out on the many benefits of enjoying this activity yourself! If you are one of the millions having trouble sticking to an exercise program, help could be as close as your best buddy at the end of the leash.

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How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Establishing an at home dental care routine is an important part of your dog’s overall health. You would never think to go days without brushing your own teeth, and it’s no different for your pets. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), "Regularly brushing your pet’s teeth is the single most effective thing you can do to keep their teeth healthy between dental cleanings, and may reduce the frequency or even eliminate the need for periodic dental cleaning by your veterinarian."

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