Hypothermia in Dogs

Winter is in full swing, and that means colder temperatures, sometimes in the extreme.

It can be fun playing in the cool, crisp air (and even snow for some parts of the country!) with your dog, but the cold weather also has some potential health risks to your pup.

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Exploring Bloat in Dogs

Bloat in dogs is an extremely serious and dangerous medical condition that should be treated as a medical emergency. Even mild cases of bloat can turn fatal.

Although the causes of bloat are still not clear, the symptoms that occur are fairly consistent and are a sign that you should seek immediate medical attention.

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Dog Training: Beyond the Basics

Basic obedience training is an essential part of you and your dog’s relationship. Obedience training establishes the communication between you and your dog to ensure you can maintain control of them with basic commands.

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Is Your Pet Itchy? An Overview of Pet Allergies

Your pets can suffer from allergies just like you can! Allergies can be frustrating to pet owners: persistent scratching, chewing, or licking can lead to skin infections, open sores, and discomfort for your pet. It's important to learn what is causing your pet’s discomfort by getting them the help they need from their Veterinarian.

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"Is This Much Shedding Normal?": When Hair Loss in Pets is Problematic

Shedding is just one of those things that come with having a cat or dog, but how much shedding is normal, and when does excessive hair loss signify a medical issue?

What is a “Normal” Amount of Shedding?

While it’s expected for your dog or cat to leave a few of their hairs here and there, you may be wondering, "what is considered a normal amount of shedding?"

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What is Parvovirus (Parvo)?

New pet adopters and experienced dog owners alike may wonder, "What is Parvovirus (Parvo)? How does my dog get parvo? Can parvo spread to humans and other animals?"

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