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Canine Influenza has reached California: Vaccinate Now!

Canine Influenza Epidemic

Canine Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory virus, and almost every dog is at risk of catching it. As of February 22nd 2018, there have been more than 490 positive cases of Dog Flu in California and Nevada. The virus spreads rapidly, especially at boarding facilities, groomers, doggy day cares, dog parks, and other spots where dogs co-mingle. This respiratory infection is relatively new, so natural immunity is low.

Dog Flu Vaccination

How can my Dog get Canine Influenza?

• Virus particles in the air (coughing or sneezing)
• Physical contact with other dogs
• Indirect transferal with objects that an infected dog has touched, such as food bowls, toys, etc
• Humans can transfer the virus between dogs if they do not properly sanitize after touching an infected dog, or if their clothing isn't cleaned.
• One of the two strains can even be transmitted to cats

Symptoms of Dog Flu include:

• High fever (103°F)
• Lethargy
• Decrease in appetite
• Coughing
• Runny nose with clear secretions at first, but may later change to a thick and yellow and/or pink-tinged color

Severe Symptoms include:

o A high fever (104-106°F)
o Increased respiratory rate
o Severe depression
o Lack of appetite

What you need to know about the Canine Influenza Vaccination

• In order to receive the Canine Influenza vaccination, all dogs must have had a Wellness Exam at an SCVG hospital within the past 12 months, and be free of respiratory symptoms
• The vaccination can be given as early as 7 weeks of age
• Each dog will receive a series of two vaccinations. An initial shot, then a booster 2 to 4 weeks later. Then annually to maintain efficacy
• The vaccination reaches full strength coverage four weeks after the booster, so it is important to exercise caution until that time
• There are currently two strains of Canine Influenza: H3n2 and H3n8. Our vaccination series protects against both strains at the same time.

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