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Happy National Mutt Day: 5 Reasons Why Mutts are What's Up!

Mutts, or mixed breeds, are among the most popular dog breeds! Of course, this is because "designer breeds" (think Goldendoodles and Labradoodles) are all the rage but, really, a mutt can be the mix of any dog breeds.

And whether you’re looking for one that rivals a finalist in the National Dog Show or one that has a solid chance at winning “The Ugliest Dog Contest”, there are some real benefits to adopting a mutt.

So in honor of National Mutt Day on July 31, we’re going to share 5 reasons why a mixed breed dog will make your life more magnificent!

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How to Prevent Heatstroke in Dogs

As veterinarians, it's heartbreaking that every summer we see several cases of heatstroke.

These are dogs that are members of the family. They are loved and cared for by well-intentioned owners that dote on them. They just thought that their dog loves to ride in the car and that they would be fine in the car with the windows cracked while they ran into the dry cleaners. Or they perhaps didn't realize that they were putting their beloved pet in danger by taking them for a run or a walk on a summer day.

Don't let this happen to you!

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10 Wonky Doggo Behaviors & The Reasons Behind Them

Doggos. Need we say more? Probably not, but we will because, sigh—aren’t they just the best?

As Author of tearjerker Marley & Me, John Grogan, says, “Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.” Need a tissue? We get it.

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Puppy Vaccines 101

From their super soft fur and sleep barking to their puppy breath and, yes, even their razor-sharp teeth, puppies are just the cutest!

But if you've recently adopted one, you'll realize that there is more to dog wellness than a steady flow of kisses from your family members (although those are good, too!).

One of the key parts of getting your pup on the path to wellness is vaccinations and, if you are new to the puppy game, you might have questions.

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The Secret to Getting Fleas to Flee!

An unfortunate truth is that if you have pets, it's likely that it is not a matter of if your pet has ever had fleas, but when they will get them.

But just because it is common does not mean that it should be ignored, especially when flea infestations can be prevented!

The Secret to Getting Fleas to Flee!

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